Monday, December 28, 2009

New Steam Creams & Nostalgia Soap!

Very excited to have received our new Steam Cream shipment, which included 3 fabulous new tins, and I just love how innovative the designers of Steam Cream are and how true they are to their commitment: Individual art for individual people!

The Planetarium is a lovely mysterious shade of dark navy/purple, depicting the famous Orion Belt and other constellations including Taurus, Gemini etc. Are you a star gazer? Do you enjoy staring into the night sky? This will be the perfect tin for you!

The Grace is a very feminine & romantic tin bursting with blooming pink and purple roses..THE tin for the romantic soul, or anyone in love :) (hint hint, boyfriends/husbands, this is a perfect gift!)

Stripe Stripe will please all fun-loving, modern gals with the ever so cheerful colours spanning across the surface & bottom of the tins! Are you bold, adventurous, & enjoy a good laugh or two?

In addition, I am so pleased to be carrying Nostalgia Organic's New Soap - the Mud Pie! This deliciously aromatic soap is filled with skin loving cocoa butter and refreshing peppermint/spearmint flavour. Chocoholics can now indulge without the guilt (or calories!) :) Not to mention, the packaging is gorgeous as usual, featuring very cute graphic birds on mint green paper and finished with a baby pink ribbon.

Do visit us to check out our new goodies!

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