Monday, December 28, 2009

New Steam Creams & Nostalgia Soap!

Very excited to have received our new Steam Cream shipment, which included 3 fabulous new tins, and I just love how innovative the designers of Steam Cream are and how true they are to their commitment: Individual art for individual people!

The Planetarium is a lovely mysterious shade of dark navy/purple, depicting the famous Orion Belt and other constellations including Taurus, Gemini etc. Are you a star gazer? Do you enjoy staring into the night sky? This will be the perfect tin for you!

The Grace is a very feminine & romantic tin bursting with blooming pink and purple roses..THE tin for the romantic soul, or anyone in love :) (hint hint, boyfriends/husbands, this is a perfect gift!)

Stripe Stripe will please all fun-loving, modern gals with the ever so cheerful colours spanning across the surface & bottom of the tins! Are you bold, adventurous, & enjoy a good laugh or two?

In addition, I am so pleased to be carrying Nostalgia Organic's New Soap - the Mud Pie! This deliciously aromatic soap is filled with skin loving cocoa butter and refreshing peppermint/spearmint flavour. Chocoholics can now indulge without the guilt (or calories!) :) Not to mention, the packaging is gorgeous as usual, featuring very cute graphic birds on mint green paper and finished with a baby pink ribbon.

Do visit us to check out our new goodies!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

4th & Final Giveaway - Nostalgia Soap & Balm Set

Congratulations to our lovely winner for our 3rd Giveaway who has chosen a FREE Love & Toast Sugared Grapefruit Hand Cream! A very wise choice indeed as this has been a top seller among our shoppers, some even grabbing a few at the same time to treat their lovely friends :) I have heard wonderful praises about its alluring scent - ranging from "refreshing", "citrusy", to "ohhh this reminds me of strawberry shortcake"!

Happy times whizz by so quickly and next Sunday (3 Jan 2010) will be our 4th and FINAL Grand Promotion Giveaway! This time we will be giving out a FREE Nostalgia Organics Soap & Balm set - valued at SG$34!

I love sharing this gift with our members as the Nostalgia soaps are among my favourite item in the shop! Its love at first sight with Elea's (the ever so creative owner) whimsical packaging of her products - which took her more than 2 years to design!! I have been a soap-convert (previously a shower-gel kinda gal) ever since my first bar. Why? In addition to the wonderfully natural scents ranging from grapefruit, rosemary herbs, sweet orange, lavender, mint, to clove, the soaps lather up extremely well and are very moisturising. Even better, a single bar lasted me for 2 whole months with scrubbing and rubbing every day till the last sliver. I am also excitedly waiting for Elea's creation of a new soap which will arrive anytime soon...hint hint...chocoholics will be delighted....

The Nostalgia Organics balms have also been a favoured stocking filler. Ruffles have been an all time favourite, as is Twirl with its refreshing citrusy scent. This balm is a must-have for your purse for highly effective hydration anytime anywhere - for any dry patches, cuticles, or simply as a solid perfume! A small tub will last you for ages as it is jam packed with high concentrations of natural/organic goodness!

How to win? Again, help us spread the word about our lovely shop!

1. Be a registered member at Soap 'n Sorbet to enter.
2. Email as many friends as you can with a link to Make a brief intro about why you love our shop and our goodies!
3. CC or forward us this email at
4. The more friends you send to, the better your chance of winning!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cutest X'mas Exhibition Ever

Merry X'mas!! Time surely whizzed by quickly this year and it seemed like yesterday when I was hosting my own X'mas party last year! This year will be a nice quiet one with close family and friends. Nothing special but heart-warming nonetheless. Anyways, walked past the ever so busy Time Square in Hong Kong and gosh, for a change the place was crowded not due to the sale season, but because they were hosting the cutest most magical X'mas exhibition by the famous Taiwanese artest Jimmy Liao! Here are some photos for your enjoyment :)

Super heros or angels wannabe?

A very diligent X'mas penquin...

Look who's cuter!

Overview from level 2...The exhibition is like a magical maze!

"Book shop" outside Time Square and its cute Penquin helpers...

...or would you like to buy a Moon instead?

Giant bunny that spans the outside of Time Square...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mille Fleur Bazaar Part 1

Yesterday was such a fun day, decorating my lovely booth, and finally meeting some of you up close and personal! See here also a blog post of a happy customer and her purchases of Steam Cream from the Bazaar!

Anyway, here are some photos of the night. More to come!

Setting up at 5:00pm...

Behind the booth where I sat...nice view!

Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Bubble Bath...and my customers in front!

Sniffing away...

Gin & Rosewater Parfum made a lovely X'mas gift for a customer's mom!

So colourful!!

I am torn...this? this? or both?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2nd Giveaway - Tokyo Milk Parfum!

Part 1 of our Giveaway has been completed today and congradulations to Ms. Yeong our lovely winner of Steam Cream. I sure hope that will bring a big smile on your face! For those who did not win, not to worry as I have more freebies lined up!

Our 2nd Giveaway will happen on the 20 Dec (Sun), and the prize will be a Tokyo Milk parfum of your choice! Many customers have been very intriqued by this range so I am happy to give away this lovely item :) For those who have browsed through the shop, you would know that I have 9 scents to choose from, all uniquely formulated by the famous Margot Elena. To complete the package, the parfum bottles are all adorned with stylish vintage imageries. Are you a floral, citrus, sweet, or exotic girl?

So, to spice things up this time round, you can take matters into your own hands and boost your chance of winning! Simply spread the word about Soap 'n Sorbet to your friends!

How to win:
  1. Open to registered members only. (So register now to participate if you havent done so!)
  2. Email your friends with a link to us at Make an intro to our lovely shop and items!
  3. CC or forward us the email at
  4. The more friends you spread to, the better your chance of winning!!

Good luck to all of you and have fun!!

Meet Us Up Close & Personal!

That's right! We are giving you the opportunity to feel, touch, sniff, and test our lovelies!! This coming Friday & Saturday (18-19 Dec) Soap 'n Sorbet will participate in the Mille Fleur Bazaar in Clark Quay: 6pm till late!

Try our delicious Lalicious scrubs. Sniff out our unique Tokyo Milk parfums. See all the Steam Cream tins up close! Moisturize your lips with our 10 different lip balm pot. Smooth your paws with our 6 Love & Toast hand creams! And admire the famously pretty Nostalgia soaps! We will try to exhibit as many items as possible so come and grab your goodies, or simply visit and say hello :) 10% discount for registered members will of course still apply!

Please support us and bring your friends! See you on the 18-19 Dec!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Having a bit of DIY fun...

Apart from running the shop these days, I have also been up to a little DIY fun. Some customers have commented on how cute the Nostalgia's soap sacks are which came with the craft patterns to work the fabrics into something fun. Since Elea (Nostalgia's lovely owner) has sent me some extra fabrics, I decided to try my hands on her sewing patterns! Very brave of me as I have not done any proper sewing since secondary school (counting the years..hmmm...)

Got all my supplies from Spotlight at Plaza Singapura - felt, ribbons, needles, threads etc - and being a keen dog lover I started to craft a soft doggie from my purple Lavender Flower fabric! hmmm....not a very handsome one I have to say, frayed and on the skinny side :P....Thumbs up for efforts though!

Then I tried my hands on the Pot Holder craft pattern that came with the My Deerest Soap Sack. Found this much more enjoyable! Perhaps because the fabric is bigger and the craft pattern is more straight forward to use - everything is square-ish as oppose to the irregular shaped dog - Look! I am impressed by myself! Anyways, the fabric pattern is so lovely I would not want to stain it! So it will be decorating my kitchen instead of holding pots and pans!

So I hope for those of you who bought the soap sacks, be sure to make good use of it and have some fun!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Steam Cream Update

Just a quick note here. I was told by Steam Cream that our favourite tins - Kyoto Girl, Kingyo, and Pink Hummingbird have all been sold out from their side. As they are not certain if these will be produced again, grab yours here till stock last!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jet set in style!

I am so happy I got STEAM CREAM on board...this is a product that I have used, loved and determined to have in my shop! In terms of how this product works am sure a lot of you out there already know but to recap, this is a universal product for your face, body, hands and feet (anywhere with skin really!) that provides effective hydration. And of course its famously stylish tins give it that huge extra umph!

Admiring my collection...

This product holds a special place in my heart because it has really helped answer one of my long-time frustration. I used to travel a lot for work, sometimes for a day, few days to a few weeks. The common theme was, I was only "allowed" to bring a carry-on luggage. Why? Imagine travelling with male colleagues who could pack their suits in a backpack!?!?! (Till this day it is a mystery to me...), and walk 20x faster than moi in high heels. Hence the zero tolerance for dilly dallying at the conveyor belt or anywhere else!

OK here is a list of my daily "necessities": eye cream + serum, face cream + serum (yes I do have dry skin!), spf, face mask, body cream, shower gel, hand cream, shampoo/conditioner, cosmetics.....all of which I was trained to carry in these teeny travel size bottles/jars which I got from Sasa (but they always leak). Lucky that I don't wear contact lens otherwise it would be downright impossible to travel light! But still you see my frustration? At least with a tub of SC i can combine three goodies into one!

Admittedly I was dubious at first, having been used to moisturising different patches of skin differently (why I wonder really? Aren't they all just skins?) But SC really does what it says - hydrates. Miracle product it is not, but sometimes, effective hydration is all we need to keep our skin glowing...

I was blown away when the boxes of SC arrived, it was my first time to see all the tin designs up close and personal!! Frankly speaking, photos simply do not do justice to some of the tins - especially for Blanc as it doesn't come up very well on photos. My favourite is Kingyo with the cute goldfishes and tiny air bubbles all over. I love Freedom & Discipline too with its simply British-chic design. I have also learned from SC that tin designs in Japan will soon be caught up by UK as well! Am very patiently waiting for those...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great inspiration for business owners!

It's only been the third day since Soap 'n Sorbet was born and things are going great! I have been glued to my pc refreshing microsoft outlook checking facebook forums blogs for the slightest mention of Soap 'n Sorbet, and it's really encouraging to see more and more visitors to the website, some of whom even dropped me an email or two :). Thanks to Mag also of Makeup Stash who wrote such a lovely review on my little shop too! And I hope those who ordered will get a good feel of my goodies shipped from far far away for you :)

Well, being the owner of my humble little shop means that I have paid a lot of attention to what other small business owners are doing, and incidentally I came across this article on Cleo magazine about how Kikki K - the swedish designer stationery shop at the ION - came to life, and I just feel it's such an inspiration for those wannabe business owners out there! (and btw, I have LOVED Kikki K since it opened in Singapore!)

Apparently Kikki K - the nickname of Swedish Kristina Karlsson - was an idea born from a "what to do with my life" list at 3am in the morning years ago, of which Kikki (then bored stiff with her job at a travel agency) decided that she wanted to be her own boss with a biz boasting Swedish heritage. Like all girls, shopping is never too far off and Kikki did just that to get her home office adorned (without even knowing what the home office would be for!), but only realising that beautiful stationery is hugely lacking in the market. Combining design with home office goodies, the inspiration for Kikki K was born! And hear this, today Kikki K has more than 40 outlets in 5 countries. How impressive is that!

That is of course after years of hard-work, perseverance and lots of courage! But to be successful on one's passion is just the best, isn't it? I just wanted to share this especially as so many friends - when they heard about my plans for my humble little shop - said "wow congrads! That's something I'd like to do as well!!". Perhaps that idea lurking deep in your head is not really that remote!