Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sneak Peek at Upcoming Newbies

I hope that all of you have had a fun Valentine's/CNY break! Mine was absolutely amazing as me and hubby went on our long overdue honeymoon in South Africa! Food, weather, scenary, were all great and the Safari is certainly a very special place =) A kind customer has strongly advised me to load up on sun block, but even so, we got so tanned and even a bit sunburnt =P

Honeymoon aside, I am very excited about our upcoming newbies that we have just placed orders for! For the first time, we are venturing into cosmetics. In a small way but nonetheless a big step for us! We are starting off with the whimsical Tokyo Milk Kiss Me Kit, again produced by the creative Margot Elena from USA. The Kit comes in four different shades ranging from sexy rum raison to more subtle pearly rose. Thoughtfully, these come with SPF15 protection as well as, hear this, a pack of mints so that we lovely ladies are always ready for that special kiss!

In addition, seeing the popularity with our Tokyo Milk Parfums, we are bringing in its lovely range of Petit Parfum Solides in travel sized pots! So, you can dabble this on you anytime anywhere without the tell tale sound of a parfum spray =) (and they are cheaper too!). How very classy! We have selected some easily carried yet unique scents ranging from refreshing citrus to feminine floral.

Last but not least, your favourite Steam Cream have yet again come out with new beautifully designed tins. Some customers have already inquired about the Earth tin, which you will be glad to hear, will arrive in a couple of weeks! Other designs include Kaleidoscope, Masquerade etc...

PS. All these lovelies and you don't have a nice pouch to carry them? Hint hint...Look out for even more new releases soon =)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year Shipping Promotions

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wish you all a very happy and prosperous year of the Tiger!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our No Shipping Dates will be 15 - 19th Feb 2010 during the Chinese New Year period. Shipping will resume on the 22nd Feb, Monday. I know it's a tad long, and I am truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. But to make up for it, here is what Soap 'n Sorbet will offer:

Place your orders during 13th - 21st Feb 2010, and enjoy:
1) Free domestic standard shipping for all orders: even for purchases under SG$60! (there will still be a surcharge of SG$2.24 for registered mails)
2) 25 - 50% lower international shipping rates!

These will all be automatically reflected during check-out (so the shipping rates you see on your bill will be the new rates).

I know how delivery charges are a pain for on-line shopping sometimes, so I really hope this will help make your day =)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Find our Booth on 11th Feb!

Busily getting ready for the Goodwood Park Hotel Fair on the 11th Feb (Thurs)! Find us at booth 38. There is only one entrance/exit to the Windsor Ballroom on Level 2, so it should be easy to find us! See ya all!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Customers and Bloggers Reviews

Having a beauty store on-line has it's pros and cons really. Pros of couse is the less initial $$ damage! Cons is that it takes twice as much effort to convince people about our products & services. Luckily, our customers & beauty bloggers have been extremely supportive by spreading the word on us. We love seeing our name so much that we have set the Google Alert to catch it, and it gives our hearts a little somersault whenever we see a new review! We are just immensely grateful as these are the best testimonies that we are doing something right. Note that all these reviews are entirely their personal opinions (no we do not bribe them...)!

The list of blog reviews are ever growing on our News (In the Press) section (sometimes by the day!). But with the amount of information on our website, we fear that you may have missed these lovely pieces!! So here I have organized it a bit better so you can read what the various experience is with our products, our shop and our services.

What do they think of Steam Cream?
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AngMo Girl's Blog (5 Jan 2010) - A satisfied customer =)
My Tipsy Topsy (18 Dec 2010) - A satisfied customer =)

What do they think of Lalicious?
Make Up Stash (7 Feb 2010) - Beauty Blogger!
Pretty Beautiful (2 Feb 2010) - Beauty Blogger!
Fash-Eccentric (7 Jan 2010) - Lifestyle Blogger!

What do they think of Love + Toast?
My Women Stuff (4 Mar 2010) - Beauty Blogger!
Make Up Stash (24 Feb 2010) - Beauty Blogger!

What do they think of Tokyo Milk?
Amour Chaleur (3 Feb 2010) - A satisfied customer =)
Naturals and Minerals (18 Jan 2010) - A satisfied customer =)

What do they think of Nostalgia Organics?
Pretty Beautiful (5 Feb 2010) - Beauty Blogger!

What do they think of Soap 'n Sorbet?
Make Up Stash (31 Jan 2010) - Beauty Blogger!
Random Babbling (19 Jan 2010) - A satisfied customer =)
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Viva Woman (4 Dec 2009) - Beauty Blogger!
Make Up Stash (2 Dec 2009) - Beauty Blogger!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goodwood Park Hotel Fair

Been stuck behind the computer for so long, it's time to meet customers in real life! Last time was super fun at Mille Fleur Bazaar although the booth was tiny. This time Soap 'n Sorbet will be at the Goodwood Park Hotel Fair on 11th Feb (Thurs) - 10am to 7pm!

With a much bigger booth hopefully more lovelies will be displayed =) In addition, it will be all indoors (with AC! yippeee!!) & refreshments! So do come and check it out!

Goodwood Park Hotel (Scotts Road)
Windsor Ballroom (Level 2)

See ya!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting in the Mood for Love

The day of LOVE - Valentine's - is fast approaching! How do you feel about this day? I used to have mixed feelings about Valentine's. When I was date-less, I would secretly envy the love birds on the streets; when I had a date, I'd wonder how it would go (oh yes, there were some very bad ones...); then when I had a boyfriend, I would wonder if he'd remember to send me flowers! So you see, Valentine's is in a way, pretty stressful!

But as I grow a bit older, I became less and less affected by Valentine's. How we spend it should not be down to others, but down to us to love ourselves, our friends, and our families on Valentine's too!

With this in mind, I have conjured up some Valentine's pamper sets to send you some love. Purple, pink, florals, sweet, exotic...I have included the most romantic scents & feel for you - at great discounts! Check them out our gift section =) Pamper and love yourselves and your loved ones senseless on this day!