Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great inspiration for business owners!

It's only been the third day since Soap 'n Sorbet was born and things are going great! I have been glued to my pc refreshing microsoft outlook checking facebook forums blogs for the slightest mention of Soap 'n Sorbet, and it's really encouraging to see more and more visitors to the website, some of whom even dropped me an email or two :). Thanks to Mag also of Makeup Stash who wrote such a lovely review on my little shop too! And I hope those who ordered will get a good feel of my goodies shipped from far far away for you :)

Well, being the owner of my humble little shop means that I have paid a lot of attention to what other small business owners are doing, and incidentally I came across this article on Cleo magazine about how Kikki K - the swedish designer stationery shop at the ION - came to life, and I just feel it's such an inspiration for those wannabe business owners out there! (and btw, I have LOVED Kikki K since it opened in Singapore!)

Apparently Kikki K - the nickname of Swedish Kristina Karlsson - was an idea born from a "what to do with my life" list at 3am in the morning years ago, of which Kikki (then bored stiff with her job at a travel agency) decided that she wanted to be her own boss with a biz boasting Swedish heritage. Like all girls, shopping is never too far off and Kikki did just that to get her home office adorned (without even knowing what the home office would be for!), but only realising that beautiful stationery is hugely lacking in the market. Combining design with home office goodies, the inspiration for Kikki K was born! And hear this, today Kikki K has more than 40 outlets in 5 countries. How impressive is that!

That is of course after years of hard-work, perseverance and lots of courage! But to be successful on one's passion is just the best, isn't it? I just wanted to share this especially as so many friends - when they heard about my plans for my humble little shop - said "wow congrads! That's something I'd like to do as well!!". Perhaps that idea lurking deep in your head is not really that remote!

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