Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cutest X'mas Exhibition Ever

Merry X'mas!! Time surely whizzed by quickly this year and it seemed like yesterday when I was hosting my own X'mas party last year! This year will be a nice quiet one with close family and friends. Nothing special but heart-warming nonetheless. Anyways, walked past the ever so busy Time Square in Hong Kong and gosh, for a change the place was crowded not due to the sale season, but because they were hosting the cutest most magical X'mas exhibition by the famous Taiwanese artest Jimmy Liao! Here are some photos for your enjoyment :)

Super heros or angels wannabe?

A very diligent X'mas penquin...

Look who's cuter!

Overview from level 2...The exhibition is like a magical maze!

"Book shop" outside Time Square and its cute Penquin helpers...

...or would you like to buy a Moon instead?

Giant bunny that spans the outside of Time Square...

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