Monday, December 7, 2009

Jet set in style!

I am so happy I got STEAM CREAM on board...this is a product that I have used, loved and determined to have in my shop! In terms of how this product works am sure a lot of you out there already know but to recap, this is a universal product for your face, body, hands and feet (anywhere with skin really!) that provides effective hydration. And of course its famously stylish tins give it that huge extra umph!

Admiring my collection...

This product holds a special place in my heart because it has really helped answer one of my long-time frustration. I used to travel a lot for work, sometimes for a day, few days to a few weeks. The common theme was, I was only "allowed" to bring a carry-on luggage. Why? Imagine travelling with male colleagues who could pack their suits in a backpack!?!?! (Till this day it is a mystery to me...), and walk 20x faster than moi in high heels. Hence the zero tolerance for dilly dallying at the conveyor belt or anywhere else!

OK here is a list of my daily "necessities": eye cream + serum, face cream + serum (yes I do have dry skin!), spf, face mask, body cream, shower gel, hand cream, shampoo/conditioner, cosmetics.....all of which I was trained to carry in these teeny travel size bottles/jars which I got from Sasa (but they always leak). Lucky that I don't wear contact lens otherwise it would be downright impossible to travel light! But still you see my frustration? At least with a tub of SC i can combine three goodies into one!

Admittedly I was dubious at first, having been used to moisturising different patches of skin differently (why I wonder really? Aren't they all just skins?) But SC really does what it says - hydrates. Miracle product it is not, but sometimes, effective hydration is all we need to keep our skin glowing...

I was blown away when the boxes of SC arrived, it was my first time to see all the tin designs up close and personal!! Frankly speaking, photos simply do not do justice to some of the tins - especially for Blanc as it doesn't come up very well on photos. My favourite is Kingyo with the cute goldfishes and tiny air bubbles all over. I love Freedom & Discipline too with its simply British-chic design. I have also learned from SC that tin designs in Japan will soon be caught up by UK as well! Am very patiently waiting for those...

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