Friday, December 11, 2009

Having a bit of DIY fun...

Apart from running the shop these days, I have also been up to a little DIY fun. Some customers have commented on how cute the Nostalgia's soap sacks are which came with the craft patterns to work the fabrics into something fun. Since Elea (Nostalgia's lovely owner) has sent me some extra fabrics, I decided to try my hands on her sewing patterns! Very brave of me as I have not done any proper sewing since secondary school (counting the years..hmmm...)

Got all my supplies from Spotlight at Plaza Singapura - felt, ribbons, needles, threads etc - and being a keen dog lover I started to craft a soft doggie from my purple Lavender Flower fabric! hmmm....not a very handsome one I have to say, frayed and on the skinny side :P....Thumbs up for efforts though!

Then I tried my hands on the Pot Holder craft pattern that came with the My Deerest Soap Sack. Found this much more enjoyable! Perhaps because the fabric is bigger and the craft pattern is more straight forward to use - everything is square-ish as oppose to the irregular shaped dog - Look! I am impressed by myself! Anyways, the fabric pattern is so lovely I would not want to stain it! So it will be decorating my kitchen instead of holding pots and pans!

So I hope for those of you who bought the soap sacks, be sure to make good use of it and have some fun!

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