Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tokyo Milk Newbies Have Arrived!

After some hiccups with the shipment, the Tokyo Milk newbies have finally arrived today!! These include 1) Parfum Solides (which sounds soooo much better than solid perfumes hehe!) and 2) The Kiss Me Kit lipsticks + hot mints sets.

For the Parfum Solides, we have brought to you 4 amazing scents at SG$33.5 each:
- Lotus Sake: nice refreshing citrus scent with a hint of basil. Very uplifting!
- Satsuma: this is THE ONE for die-hard citrus fans! smells very nicely of grapefruit & oranges.
- Scarlett: classic floral/rose petal scent.
- Sencha Blu: another floral scent with an undertone of all-time favourite - jasmine!

These pots may look small but I assure you they will last a long long time! For those of you looking for something subtle/light & easily carried, these are perfect for you.

For the long-awaited Kiss Me Kits, there are all together 4 shimmery colours:
- No. 52 (Your Kiss Is On My List): Pearly Rose
- No. 53 (Butterfly Kisses): Pearly Pink
- No. 54 (Kiss & Tell): Golden Beige
- No. 55 (Kissing Booth): Rum Raison

As a personal review, given I have darker lip colours but quite fair skin, I find that No. 52 & No. 55 (Pearly Rose & Rum Raison) to be most suitable and gives a healthy looking complexion whilst being rather subtle. The lipsticks are very very moisturising with SPF15 protection against the scorching sun in Singapore. I have also tried the hot mints - surprising spicy with a hint of cinnamon! The Kiss Me Kits are retailing at SG$42.

From left to right: No. 52 to No. 55

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  1. Thanks so much for the swatches! Would you be able to list the ingredients in the lippies, please, especially the SPF ingredients? I'm allergic to oxybenzone and avobenzone and would like to check. Thanks again!