Sunday, March 7, 2010

Find Us in Store at Trixilini!

As promised, here is a piece of exciting news!

Find Us in Store! Yes, I have been working hard at getting some of our lovelies in store and we have found just the perfect fit! Trixilini at Millenia Walk is such a gem - enter through the pretty pink French doors, and find yourself in the girly boudoir filled with hard-to-find dresses, trinkets, accessories, and now...lovelies from Soap 'n Sorbet!

Selected perfumes, lip balms, hand creams, scrubs, butters, oils from Lalicious, Love & Toast, and Tokyo Milk are in store. Enjoy =)

What's more, the location is extremely ideal & the mall very happening. Find unique boutiques & eateries like Bread & Butter, Abyzz, Aesop, Chocolate Research Facility. Even more exciting is Singapore's one and only Parco Mall from Japan is due to open at Millenia Walk in early April! Parco will be a haven filled with quirky unique designer items & delicious Japanese eateries. Last but not least, the upcoming Promenade MRT station (due also in April) will promise you instant access to Millenia Walk!

PS. I shall upload some pictures of the pretty displays in Trixilini in due course, the goods have just been delivered today! More will come in due course so do check back!

#01-57, Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore, 039596
(1st store at the exit to taxi stand)


  1. For Sure I Will Drop Down and take a peek!
    But will the price still remain the same? - Wei Leen

  2. congrats babe! will check it out when i have the time!

  3. Hi Wei Leen, long time no see! yes the price will be the same =) Currently I have stocked 6 Tokyo Milk perfumes there, together with L+T handcreams & balms, and Lalicious goodies. But shall stock more as time goes by =)

  4. Hiya Lynette, how have you been? definitely go and check! especially Parco is opening by end Mar/April. I spoke with a lady who there, seems like an exciting mall with lots of niche brands!

  5. Oh Wei Leen, I forgot to mention, the prices will be the same, however I will sometimes have web-specials which I will highlight if thats the case =) Enjoy!

  6. Thank you for your reply RAY.... will surely go to visit the shop ... and also looking froward to the new products you are bringing in too. :-)
    Wei Leen

  7. hi, all the items u have on the website will also be available at the store?

  8. Hi there, no unfortunately only selected items are available at store. Currently Trixilini carries 6 Tokyo Milk scents, a few of the lip balms, majority of the Love & Toast handcreams & lip balms, and majority of Lalicious products. We do however aim to increase our selection there as new stocks come in!