Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Bits and Bobs

This blogging business is still a very new idea to me, but as I am accustomed to writing from my previous job, I find it rather enjoyable =) The shop has been busy lately, with customers realising the soon ending storewide promotion. I am especially thrilled to see more returning customers in Jan (some as many as three times since Dec!) which is so so rewarding! Other than that, I do intentionally leave weekends "work" free to spend quality time with hubby...hmmm....what did I do last weekend?

...watched the movie Hachiko: A Dog's Story...
Sob! For all dog/animal lovers, this is a must! Seriously I am never the type to sob my eyes out in movies (more the lip quivering but stay cool type) but jeez...i broke down like a crying baby!! This is especially touching for pet owners (and for those who have subsequently lost them like me). Totally loving this whole new dog drama genre that is so popular these days! Just watching these balls of furry cuteness is more than worth it!

...loving my new Kindle!
I am an undeniable book worm and I am proud to own the Amazon's Kindle in my cute Fuschia faux leather cover =) Reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown which unfortunately...is...not very good...yawn...

...trying to get husband injected but failed...
No, he is not sick, but I am trying to get both of us injected before we head to our Safari Honeymoon!!!!! Unfortunately, husband has an irrational fear of needles and after some bargaining, we decided to postpone the jabs..again..

...scratching my head for new goodies at the shop...
Skincare, cosmetics, accessories, quirky cute things, I want them all in Soap 'n Sorbet! Already have my eyes on some very unique brands =) One thing I am resolute about is skincare, I gotta have this! And yet this is so challenging cos there are already so many choices out there!! Not to mention, us girls are (rightly so) very particular about what we put on our faces, and besides whether or not something works depend on so many things that we can't control: weather, stress, hormones...etc...still, I am working on this! Any suggestions are MORE THAN WELCOME!!

...and finally, I killed my plant.
I never had a green thumb. But my recent trip to Hokkaido's lavender fields has ignited my interest in planting and I decided to plant my own lavender pot! I must say, all was going well, until I took my mother's "advice" (whom believes she has a green thumb) to add water to the plate underneath the pot while I was away during X'mas, so that my plant will be "watered" by itself...and I think I just drowned it...Genetics is just such an amazing thing isn't it?

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    Glad to see you are doing well! you are so amazingly funny :) anyway, just a note to drop by that I am loving the sugar kiss scrub! Bf loves it too since it smells like cotton candy.. anyway, remember to scout out some gd eye creams! khiel is working not bad for me right now but it can always be better.. :)u can reply me on my tag board at leonyie_thepig.blogspot.com