Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting in the Mood for Love

The day of LOVE - Valentine's - is fast approaching! How do you feel about this day? I used to have mixed feelings about Valentine's. When I was date-less, I would secretly envy the love birds on the streets; when I had a date, I'd wonder how it would go (oh yes, there were some very bad ones...); then when I had a boyfriend, I would wonder if he'd remember to send me flowers! So you see, Valentine's is in a way, pretty stressful!

But as I grow a bit older, I became less and less affected by Valentine's. How we spend it should not be down to others, but down to us to love ourselves, our friends, and our families on Valentine's too!

With this in mind, I have conjured up some Valentine's pamper sets to send you some love. Purple, pink, florals, sweet, exotic...I have included the most romantic scents & feel for you - at great discounts! Check them out our gift section =) Pamper and love yourselves and your loved ones senseless on this day!

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