Monday, October 25, 2010

Tokyo Milk Parfums Part 1

By Mag Teo

Housed in sleek rectangular glass bottles, these fragrances are distinguished by the brand's type-writer font (I love text in this print!) and the vintage water-colour images that decorate the Tokyo Milk scent flacons. At once simple and complex, the fragrances – like the brand – walk the fine line between trendy and nostalgic. Here are my thoughts on some of the parfums from Tokyo Milk.

Cherry Bomb No. 05
Notes: wild rose, osmanthus, chocolate, vetiver (chocolate floral)
Cherry Bomb reminds me of chocolate-dipped cherries. It isn't really a gourmand scent but there is a definite warm sweetness and an almost-delicious whiff to it. The lovely osmanthus notes lift it from being too sugary and while there is youthfulness to this scent, there is a suggestion of darkness in the splash of vetiver.

Dead Sexy No. 06
Notes: deep vanilla, woods, ebony, orchid (sweet woods)
A woody vanilla, Dead Sexy is laced with spicy warmth. It has touches of creamy sweetness and a subtle undertone of musk. I like how its blend of strength and softness lends it allure; I could't stop sniffing my skin when I splashed some on it! The spice in this linear fragrance gives it a unisex slant - I can imagine this on a man, certainly.

Gin and Rosewater No. 12
Notes: citrus zest, rosewood, mimosa, mandarin (citrus and rose)
Sparkling citrus notes are balanced with a sugary overtone in Gin and Rosewater. With its sweet burst of vivre, this delightful scent is great for lifting dreary days. In this aspect, it reminds me of Love & Toast Gin Blossom. There is a coy floral tone in this – it appears as an after-whiff every now and then, sometimes not at all.

Honey and the Moon No. 10
Notes: sweet honey, sugared violet, jasmine, sandalwood (warm melted sugar)
One of Tokyo Milk's best-selling perfumes, Honey and the Moon is intense - this fragrance is not for those who prefer delicate scents; there is nothing subtle about it! Oriental and spicy, it seems suited for chilly days. Its raw honey notes are apparent from the first splash but the sandalwood dry down is most obvious on my skin. There are hints of the floral tones but they are rather faint on me. The sillage of this perfume is quite marked, so if you'd like to make an impression, this is the scent for you.

I Want Candy No. 04
Notes: crisp apples, peaches, violets, roses (sweet fruits)
More a gourmand scent than Cherry Bomb, I Want Candy is a sweet, fruity scent that reminds me of confectionery like hard-boiled bon bons. It has a sugary, almost creamy overtone that seems to play well with the fresh apple and peach tones. There is also a distinct floral whiff to this light and subtle scent.

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