Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love & Toast Fragrances

Love & Toast fragrances are not only prettily-packaged in sleek glass bottles, they are also decorated with the whimsical illustrations that are typical of Margot Elena's artistic style.

As a whole, the notes are simple but these botanical essences make mélanges of unique and memorable sniffs, when put together. Here are my thoughts on the Love & Toast fragrances available at Soap 'n Sorbet.

Gin Blossom
Notes: Citrus zest, mandarin blossom and verbena leaves

An olfactory highlight of the year for me, Gin Blossom is fresh, clean and absolutely uplifting! I adore this bracing scent for its citrussy notes balanced with the almost-sparkling, green and crisp verbena accents. A sprinkling of sugary hints rounds off this beautifully-refreshing fragrance.

Mandarin Tea
Notes: African rooibos tea, pomegranate, neroli and orange blossom

At first sniff, Mandarin Tea is sugary with citrussy tones; its sweetness underscored by a soft powdery after-whiff. There is no sour tang, just a hint of tartness to lift the sugary touches. It's light but not flighty; fresh but not brash. The rooibos tea gives it a unique whiff – there are woodsy, earthy hints in the dry down but not so warm that they overpower the citrus. It's quite a comforting sniff (think sweet treats) and is unmistakably feminine.

Paper Flower
Notes: Waterlily, dewberry rose and ylang ylang

To me, Paper Flower is a distinctly modern scent. Of the four fragrances featured here, it is the most complex, with the deep notes of ylang ylang mingling with the rich floral tones. Laced with a delicate fruity sweetness, this perfume - also the strongest sniff of the four - is an intimation of feminine strength, contrary to its whimsical name.

Sugar Grapefruit
Notes: Pink grapefruit, orange citrus and warm musk lily

More citrussy than Mandarin Tea, this scent awakens the senses with its burst of juicy pink grapefruit notes. Fresh and invigorating, the citrus tang of Sugar Grapefruit is tempered by clean sugary tones. The sweetness accentuates the fruity notes, while the hints of warm musk lily give the fragrance a very soft floral after-whiff.

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