Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Tokyo Milk Parfums

As huge fan of Tokyo Milk, I just love the creative range of scents available from this niche brand! We originally started off by carrying 9 Tokyo Milk scents, and after 4 months into biz, we gradually have a good sense of what our customers like - and so we decided to bring in 4 additional scents that (hopefully) will be to your taste!

Having liberally spritz myself with these new fragrances, here are my humble takes of what they smell like:

Cherry Bomb: This kicks off with a burst of chocolate - nothing too sweet at all, but rather (in my imagination) like the kick from putting a nice indulgent piece of praline or truffle in your mouth! (yup, I am a chocoholic!!). Slowly this fades into the background and the rose/fruity scent creeps up. I do seem to detact a tinge of vetiver too which balances it nicely to be something feminine, but deeper and not overly girly/sweet. A very subtle/easy scent to carry.

Honey and the Moon: Something entirely different! This scent is delicious, sweet, warm, and with a bit of spice. The honey note lasts all the way and smells like something straight out of the jar! Not the processed stuff but something raw...Mixed with a bit of woody scent and it feels earthy, but at the same time blankets you with a warm fuzzy feeling. It has jasmine in it although it was faint on my skin.

Sparrow: As it's name suggests, this is a light cheerful scent just like a little sparrow! Something perfect for daily use with its pretty florals coupled with some grassy freshness. The citrus base was not strong on my skin though. Gradually a tinge of wood will creep up giving it a slightly deeper sensation.

Waltz: I love how they match the name to the scents! Unlike Sparrow's pretty florals, this one is floral but in a crisp, fresh way, just like how waltz dancers swirl to the rhythm! I love the linden in this which gives it a more "decisive" feel to the underlying florals that also makes it an uplifting, slightly energised floral scent. Very clever!

To throw in my personal preferences, I usually like light, feminine, refreshing scents. Gin & Rosewater remains one of my favourite with its uplifting rose/citrusy scent. But Cherry Bomb - something I never envision myself liking - is coming close! So for daily uses - I'd go for Gin & Rosewater or Waltz; for a more romantic mood - I like Le Petite's florals and vanilla; and for a little mischief/indulgence - definitely Cherry Bomb! I am not a woody person, but Song in D Minor gives a little twist from white florals into wood - a pleasant little surprise!

I think the whole experience with Tokyo Milk is about fun and be constantly surprised! If you are lost for choices, you can buy our Perfume Trial Set, which will give you a good taster of how amazing they are! Enjoy!

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