Monday, April 19, 2010

Limited items from Lollia Life

Been away from this blog for longer than I'd like! But it has been an extremely busy period...stock taking, liaising with our new stockists, arranging giveaway activities and so forth! So it has only been today that we are able to upload Lollia Life goodies on our website, apologies!

Anyways, many customers have been very intriqued by the various creations by the talented Margo Elena and we constantly get asked when will we bring Lollia Life? Well, we thought we'd start off with just very limited number of goodies first as the range is very extensive and we really don't want overwhelm customers..So we have cherry picked our favourite scents called Imagine and Breath - and of course who doesnt need a hand cream or two especially when they are breathtakingly beautiful in texture, packaging and scent??

Imagine: Enjoy this handcream depicting this dainty bird in blue and pink. Mandarin, Jasmine, French Verbena, Coconut Milk
Breath: Beautiful depiction of graphic roses in yellow, orange and red. Rose water, Crisp Apple, and Bergamot.

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