Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Coloured Salad

By Mag Teo
Writing about Stem Organics made me think about food with anti-oxidant properties, especially brightly-coloured fruits and vegetables. Rich in carotenoids, these edibles fight free radicals to keep us healthy and clarify our skin. I may love colours on my eye but I love colours in my food too! ;)

One of my favourite salads came from the now-defunct pizza joint, Milano's. Combining several types of fresh produce, this cheerfully-coloured starter is a delicious and healthy dish. Best of all, it's really simple to make.

I won't be giving you a standard recipe, since proportions would differ according to veggie preferences but the salad basically comprises:

• Red, green and yellow bell peppers (capsicum)
• Lettuce
• Cucumber
• Carrot
• Tomato
• Yellow onion
• Raisins
• Olives

Slice or shred everything up and toss!

I love how there's crunch and texture in this tasty salad. The tartness and piquancy of the onion and tri-coloured peppers are wonderfully offset by the sweetness of the carrots and raisins, while the cucumber and lettuce are a crisp and refreshing complement to the other ingredients. I'm not fond of olives though, so I usually omit them! :P

The dressing in the original recipe was the ubiquitous Thousand Island dressing. It goes well with the crunchy veggies but if you like, you could dress this salad with a vinaigrette or some garlic mayonnaise.

If you wish to make it a complete meal, you could also add hard-boiled eggs and ham or tofu and mushrooms, if you're vegan.