Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 Reasons to try Nostalgia Organics Soaps

By Mag Teo
Created by American designer Elea Lutz, Nostalgia Organics has been stirring up the local bath and body scene with its range of natural soaps and charming aesthetic sensibilities. Here are seven reasons to say YES to N.O. soaps! ;)

1. These artisan soaps are carefully hand-made.
Every Nostalgia Organics soap is unique and each batch is limited in number. It is not surprising, then, that they are often snapped up very quickly. Elea meticulously designs all the sewing patterns and fabric prints of the packaging, putting an immense amount of thought and work into her creations. The ensuing beauty pieces are testimony to her labour of love.

With many beauty products being mass-produced in factories today, such a personalised touch is a rarity…and it is this distinct quality that makes these soaps lemming-worthy and great gift ideas.

2. They contain natural ingredients.
Coconut, lavender, shea butter and natural essential oils are some of the plant-based, skin-loving goodies that go into Nostalgia Organics soaps.

According to the company:
(We are committed to)
creating natural personal care products using select ingredients from around the world. We emphasize quality not quantity: sourcing organic, biodynamic or wildcrafted botanical, fruit and nut oils is our priority. You will never find harmful synthetics in our products, including petroleum, parabens, lauryl or laureth sulfates, detergents, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors.

Thanks to the non-irritating and non-synthetic ingredients, many happy Nostalgia Organics customers have seen the soaps alleviate their skin rashes and clear their blocked pores.

3. They are pampering.
These luxury soaps not only cleanse, their skin-nourishing ingredients also moisturise the skin well. Some of them even contain natural exfoliants to smoothen and silkify the skin. The gentle scents of the soaps are an olfactory treat too.

4. They support social causes.
Nostalgic Organics believes in fair trade working conditions and earth-friendly recycling practices, as well as selecting raw ingredients from sources that offer sustainable, organic materials. As a result, they source their supplies from organisations that share those beliefs.

In addition, a part of the profits from the sale of the soaps goes toward
Beautiful Survivor, a program that lends support to women and girls recovering from cancer.

5. They are beautifully-packaged.
The soaps are packed in colourful vintage-inspired paper/fabric sacks adorned with petite satin ribbons. The images are slightly rustic, a little nostalgic and always charming. The retro soap revival is much welcomed, not least because of the delightful packaging that comes with these cakes of bath lovelies.

6. They are environmentally-friendly.
These natural soaps are gentler on the environment than regular commercial soaps. Their packaging is recyclable and reusable too: The paper packaging printed with vegetable inks is 100% post-consumer recycled, while the specially-designed soap sacks can be crafted into adorable DIY items to be enjoyed even when the soap is used up – their labels unfold into reusable sewing patterns that can turn the fabric into other useful products like egg cozies and pin-cushions!

7. They are affordable.
For all their benefits and positive features, the soaps will not send us into sticker shock. They are priced reasonably in Singapore: the paper-wrapped ones are S$17, while the ones in soap sacks are S$20. These extra-large bars weigh 5.4 oz (slightly more than 150 g) and will last two to three months with daily usage – value for money, certainly!

Do take advantage of periodic
Soap 'n Sorbet promotions to purchase them for even less. :)

Nostalgia Organics Happy Days for a mixture of uplifting citrus and floral scents + gentle exfoliation with finely-ground oatmeal.
Nostalgia Organics Goosebumps to moisturise with a blend of organic olive, coconut and palm oils + banish bumps and spots with crushed apricot shells.
Nostalgia Organics Lavender Flowers for soft exfoliation with a sprinkling of floral buds.
Nostalgia Organics Mud Pie for a skin-soothing treat with comforting chocolate, calming cocoa butter and a dash of wild mint.

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