Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preview: Steam Creams from Japan

Hello all! Long time no see/write/hear! This month we have been busy with a huge overhaul of our Steam Cream selections. For those of you who are still new to this amazing product - SC is a highly efficient, natural based multi-purpose moisturiser that allows you to hydrate yourself from head to toe (yup! even your face!). Throw in a breathtaking design and we are all sold! Now, we all know that SC is all designed in Japan whilst the cream is produced in UK - but did you know that these handy tins being sold in UK/Europe, have totally different looks to those sold in Japan? We are pleased to let ou know that we are overhauling our UK designs to the Japanese ones!

Whilst the UK ones shout British Chic to us, the Japanese ones are just gorgeously kawaii and we are sure you will love them to bits! Here is just a sneak preview - 5 out of the total 10 BRAND NEW LOOKS we are bringing in June! We are also the only overseas stockist to stock the Japanese designs! How special is that?

PS. Look out for a member's only giveaway contest during launch period!

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